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The Non-Glamorous Side of Photography

Interesting Links 7-16-08

Orphan Works Legislation – The Stock Asylum. Proposed legislation from the U.S. Copyright Office could affect visual artists for years to come.

Getty Will Offer Some Flickr Photos For License – PDNewswire. An interesting development for the stock photo industry that has generated a lot of discussion. (I removed the majority of my 20 images from Flickr last week…)

How Getty is Killing the Stock Photo Industry – A Picture’s Worth / Photoshelter. A counter-point to the Getty + Flickr partnership. Keep in mind that Photoshelter Collection just opened for business this past November and most contributors have yet to make a sale including established professionals.

Facebook and MySpace and Your Rights – A thread from the Lightstalkers photojournalism forum. Key message: Read the TOS before proceeding.

Image Cataloging and Lightroom – Nick Onken has some great visual examples of how he manages his photo collection with Adobe’s Lightroom software.

Natural Design: Image Design for Nature Photographers PDF Book – Gloria Hopkins, Florida artist. Gloria asked me to review an early draft of her book and I found it to be full of useful ideas to photographers. The book was well-conceived and written in a way unlike that of any other how-to book that I have read. Check it out!

Breaching Orca – Ron Niebrugge recently took an awesome (killer) photo of an orca that is seemingly walking on water.

Vietnam – Forests to Furniture – Scott Dickerson recently went to Vietnam on assignment for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to document the furniture manufacturing industry.


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