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The Non-Glamorous Side of Photography

Interesting Links – 7/23/08

Coal Hollow – Ken Light documents the families of Appalachian coal mining families.

Costs in Producing Photos – Anybody can sell photos, but how much is it costing you to produce them?

Nine Strategies for Quoting the Big Job – Good advice to know. Negotiation is an essential art form to master. Running a success photography business is 5% photography, 95% business.

Free is Killing Me! – The Sports Shooter website has a revealing interview with sports photographer Matt Brown about the difficulties in getting major college sports programs to pay for pictures.

fotoKeyword Harvester – Cradoc Bagshaw is best-known for developing photo industry-standard software such as fotoQuote for pricing and fotoBiz business management software. He now has a keywording program that seems much more advanced in features than others I have seen. I am tempted to get a copy of this program and review it here in the future.

Five Great Resources to Help You Set Up Your Photography Business – Photo Attorney, Carolyn Wright.

Nine Tips for a Profitable Blog – Solid marketing advice from Talent Zoo.

How much are your photos really worth? – A passionately written article by nature photographer Tom Vezo, who unfortunately passed away this week.

Surviving the Downsizing in Photography – Photo Business News & Forum. Changing times for newspapers and photographers in general.

The Whale Hunt – A very unique way to present a photographic story, though it could be more user-friendly.


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