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The Non-Glamorous Side of Photography

Interesting Links – 7/30/08

Brand Essence – An Art Producer’s Perspective: Caitlin works as an ad agency art producer. Some good thoughts to think about here.

Stop Whining About Copyright Infringement and Do Something About It – Black Star Rising: Sean Cayton reasons that worrying about every single copyright infringement is a waste of time that could be better served doing other things. His philosophy is to make it inconvenient for people to steal his work.

Road Trip – Digital Railroad Marketplace Blog: Man. These photos of the southern states make me want to become a better photographer.

Alert: Digital Photo Frame Company Takes License of Your Photos and More – Photo Attorney Carolyn Wright. Just like with Facebook and MySpace, be sure to read the terms of use before posting images.

MagCloud: – Currently in beta test, but this promises to be an important step in the self-publishing movement. I think the advertising-heavy business model that the American publishing industry currently utilizes dilutes the quality of the product that magazines are able to deliver so I think there is still a market for quality self-published material even in today’s fragmented media marketplace.

Small Town U.S.A. / Local Artist – Sean Donnelly is a photojournalist intern at the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

Is Professional Wedding Photography Dead? – Wedding photographer, David Ziser has an important article on his blog regarding the lack of professionalism amongst photographers. Remember that the actions of a few can negatively impact the perception of all photographers.

To share my own story: While on an elephant seal tour at Ano Nuevo State Reserve in California near the end of 2004, I asked the park docent who to speak to regarding getting permission to photograph wildlife until after sunset since I had seen similar postcards from Kennan Ward in their gift shop. What I received instead was an earful about how photographers never obey park rules by wandering off-trail and cause a big headache for everyone. I felt offended at that notion since I had done nothing out of the ordinary up til that moment. To be stereotyped like that is just not right. After a few minutes of being on the receiving end of her rant, she conceded that I seemed like a nice guy and “not one of the bad photographers” so she told me about how to get in after hours. It turns out that each employee of Ano Nuevo SR can bring guests for after hours hikes several times per year.

I haven’t been back to Ano Nuevo since.


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