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The Non-Glamorous Side of Photography

(Photo) Business Efficiency Decisions

When thinking in terms of your own photography business, it would be wise to observe what other types of businesses are doing like retail stores, restaurants, business-to-business service industry, etc… There is a lot that can be learned from evaluating the good and bad decisions that these other businesses are doing. I’ll use this local Japanese restaurant as an example:

I got this menu in the mail a while back. It was fully illustrated with nice pictures of sushi and other dishes. It probably cost them a lot of money to produce so I decided to order take-out from that restaurant one night. I knew where the place was located on the map right on Route 66 but while driving into the strip mall parking lot, I started to question whether or not I was in the right place. The reason why is because from the traffic flow directions, there is no line of sight to the restaurant. The view is completely blocked by a Merrill Lynch office from every angle. To complicate matters, on the strip mall marquee, the restaurant wasn’t listed.

Now I can understand that if the restaurant does okay business-wise during lunch when there is foot traffic from Merrill Lynch, but when I went for dinner there was no one in the restaurant except for the owner’s family and another fellow take-out patron. I wasn’t surprised because due to the location of their restaurant, it is impossible to get unsolicited walk-in diners after the work day ends. Heck, I knew where the place was and still was unsure of where it was.

All of the restarant’s dinner customers are being driven there purely by their direct mail efforts. Well that costs a lot of money per customer so as a result, they are probably not as profitable as they would be located in a more strategic location. This strip mall doesn’t have the type of businesses to bring people in during the dinner hours either so really at this rate, they should either consider relocating their business or just shutting down for dinner IMO.

My point is that if there are opportunities to get customers for your business that do not require your direct involvement then that is the most efficient type of sale you can ever get. It is about getting visibility as efficiently as possible. Whether those customers are parents driving by on the highway looking for dinner one night after work or a local hospital looking on the internet for prints to decorate their hallways, a smart business owner considers these factors in their business marketing plan before setting up shop.


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