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Interview With Dane Sanders – OC Wedding Photographer and Author

A Southern California-based wedding photographer, Dane Sanders has established himself as one of the top wedding photographers in the industry. A featured speaker for Adobe and Pictage, Sanders has been recognized and featured in such noteworthy publications as Rangefinder, Professional Photographer and American Photo magazines. His first book, Fast Track Photographer has received critical acclaim from many industry professionals for its fresh approach to running a successful wedding photography business.

You’ve built quite a following in just five short years. When you first established your business, did you have a solid understanding of business principles prior to that or did you mostly learn as you went along?

I had studied business in college but I knew very little about business in the real world.

How did the idea for Fast Track Photographer come about?

Great question. I literally woke up in the middle of the night with a vision for this book. I immediately got up and started writing. I couldn’t stop. It was a bit of an obsession. I wrote early and I wrote late. And when it was completed, I felt like I made a contribution [to the industry]. Of course, I didn’t know if anyone besides my wife would ever read it, but I knew in my heart that what came out of me was more than a business book on photography. It had the potential of helping people flatten their learning curve dramatically. I couldn’t be more pleased with the response so far.

In which ways can wedding photographers and non-wedding photographers benefit from reading the book?

I think what’s special about Fast Track Photographer is how dynamic it is. The experience of the read changes depending on the reader. It’s a custom book built to pull out a photographer’s unique strengths so they can maximize them for their businesses in our digi-flat marketplace. Most of my examples are from my experience as a wedding photographer but I’d put money down that it can help any genre of photographer or any service provider in any industry for that matter. When my attorney read it and said it was great for him; that made my day.

Briefly explain for us the concept of “Signature Brands” and your take on this:

Well, Signature Brands are one side of a continuum of possibility for photographers. The other side is to go the freelance photographer route. Signature Brands are businesses that are built around the greatest value engine of all: the actual photographer. I argue that who you are is far more valuable to higher-end clients than even the photography you create. Our art just validates the signature brands we’re creating.

Budget seems to be a top priority for many couples when looking for a wedding photographer. If you get an inquiry from someone that is interested in your work but doesn’t want to pay to your regular fees or just wants a disc full of images for a flat fee, how would you respond to them? Is there any way to turn this into a positive outcome for your business?

Sure. The positive outcome is to either convert the client to hire the photographer rather than the photography. If they make the shift, they will pay the premium. If they are truly in the market just to get pictures taken though, I would recommend that Signature Brands pass that job on to a Freelance Photographer friend in their network that gets paid by the hour. That would be a better fit for the client.

Any upcoming photography business announcements or personal projects that you would like to tell us about?

We have some really exciting announcements in the pipeline. I can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet, but the best place to track what’s coming is to sign up for my newsletters at While you do, you’ll get a free copy of my introduction and first chapter to really get a taste of what we’re up to. I hope your readers really get value from them. Thanks for this opportunity!

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