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Weekly Photography Links – 6/24/12

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Weekly Photography Links post so I’d like to resume doing these in the future. There is a lot of great photography industry articles and content that I’m seeing almost every day via my social media streams so this is a place where I’d like to compile them as a informational resource, which was the intent of this website in the first place.

Legendary National Geographic photographer, Sam Abell talks about the Life of a Photograph, which is also the name of his book. I recommend watching this entire video.

Don’t Make This Same Pricing Mistake I Made – Good advice from Charlie Borland, a longtime nature stock photographer.

Photography and the Law – Seminar in Los Angeles put on by California Lawyers for the Arts.

In the Field with Jay Goodrich #2 – Photographer and writer Jay Goodrich highlights how he captured a mountain bike image while on location in Eagle, Colorado shooting for Dirt Rag Magazine.

Video that attempts to answer the age old question: how much to charge for your photography.

A Wildlife Photographer Talks Ethics In Taking Pictures And Manipulating Images – My wildlife photography ethics article has been published by Wildlife Art Journal.

I know lots of amazing photographers who are broke – The main takeaway is that professional photography is a business more than it is about talent.

The First 70 Trailer – A well-executed trailer video documenting the closure of 70 California State Parks.

Cooperation Replaces a Lone Wolf Approach to Photography – Some photographers are opting for a co-op approach to photography business.

The Kickstarter Experience – Mike Spinak shares his experiences and thoughts about crowdsource fundraising photography projects on Kickstarter.

The Impact of Authoritative Links, Mentions, and Shares on Rankings – interesting study on how links and social media are having an impact on SEO rankings.

31 Days to Overcome Your Fear of Shooting Street Photography – free eBook that sounds interesting.

Flying a Camera on a Kite Over the Statues of Easter Island – video about how a National Geographic photographer managed to get aerial photos by flying his camera on a kite.


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Black Star Rising

My first blog post for the Black Star photo agency’s business blog, Black Star Rising, is now up. It is based off of my previous blog post on blogging best practices. I will be contributing articles to their site periodically so if you like my blog you might want to bookmark Black Star Rising as well.

Here is the article: Seven Strategies to Ensure Your Blog is Worth the Effort


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Ignorance is Ignorance.

I read about this story through Gary Crabbe’s blog originally,

Basically the New York Times goofed by not having an editor check the article for ethical and legal concerns before publishing what essentially is a blog post demonstrating copyright ignorance. Here is a quote from the article, “And if you’re wondering about copyright issues (after all, these aren’t my photos), the photos are being used by me for my own, private, noncommercial use. I’m not selling these things and not charging admission to my apartment, so I think I’m in the clear.”

It is one thing to view an image on Flickr or even copy it to your desktop. But when you gloat about framing them and putting them on the wall then yes that is commercial use because believe it or not there are photographers out there that sell prints of their work that usually get displayed in frames on people’s walls. The entire concept for the article is irresponsible “journalism” at best but if the New York Times felt a need to publish this sort of rubbish then they should have at least made a designation that there are specific licenses on Flickr that state what you can and can’t do with images. Certain Creative Commons licenses (CC) for example allow people to freely distribute their work sometimes with or without giving credit to the artist. If that is what the photographers chooses to do with their images then that is their deal, but for the rest of the images that having an all rights served designation then that needs to be respected as well. Who knows why someone with an all rights reserved license would offer a full resolution image on their stream but regardless that doesn’t change the license terms.

If newspapers want to compete in today’s media landscape then they need to stick with what got them their reputation. Relevant, accurate journalism. Once newspapers start getting into reporting opinion rather than facts then they start becoming just like your average blog on the internet like the one you are currently reading. Sometimes facts are reported but you have to take it with a grain of salt because maybe it’s not entirely accurate. Sadly in this case I’m putting more faith in my own opinion than what I just read in the NYT.

Also of further interest look at the comments section of the article and the freelancer’s follow up post which didn’t exactly retract her original statements.

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Weekly Photography Links – 3/31/09

“Copyright/Copywrong in Image Licensing” – If you are in Southern California this Saturday morning and license your work or otherwise make money from photography then this lecture by the ASPP is recommended. The event is going to cover current copyright law essentials such as the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, Fair Use, infringments and have to have them removed them from the Internet. Space is limited so sign up now.

Zoriah’s Budget Cutbacks – Independent war photojournalist, Zoriah is struggling like many due to the current economic climate and needs our help to keep him going. Have a look at his blog to see if you can help him out.

Tom O. Scott Photography – Tom Scott’s sandscape photos caught my eye the other day as I was browsing the Ordover Gallery in Solana Beach. His work really blew me away. It has been a long time since I have seen something original in nature photography so his photos were really refreshing to discover.

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Weekly Photography Links – 10/27/08

Marketing Your Stock Directly to Buyers – Great advice from Jon Hornstein.

Book Review: The Life of a Photograph. Brian Auer was contacted by National Geographic to review Sam Abell’s new book and also had a chance to speak with the legendary photographer himself.

Life of a Photograph – National Geographic Online Store. Sam Abell was one of my biggest influences as a photographer so I’m going to recommend this book even without having read it yet.

Getty Images Agrees to Buy Jupiter Images for $96 Million – Personally I’m getting tired of hearing all the talk about Getty but this is huge news considering that Jupiter is one of the top five largest stock photo agencies. My opinion is that you should only work with agencies that have your best interests in mind. Getty doesn’t. $1 unlimited use agencies certainly don’t. (Getty also owns the largest.)

Surf’s Up – David Alan Harvey. Harvey raises some good thoughts about balancing the personal and professional life of a photographer. Something to think about for sure.

Introducing My First Book: Stevens Pass – Chase Jarvis’ first book. He pays homage to a popular ski resort in his home state of Washington.

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Interesting Links – 9/17/09

How to Make Your Audio Slideshows Better – Good tips by Colin Mulvany, multimedia editor at The Spokesman-Review.

How Jill Greenberg Really Feels About John McCain – PDNPulse. Greenberg trashes the presidential candidate publicly after photographing him on assignment for The Atlantic. Career suicide or PR genius?

Dirk Panier – A photographer website with really interesting presentation. Turn on your speakers.

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Interesting Links – 9/5/08

The PLUS Coalition: Standardized Licensing Codes – DigitalPhotoPro article by Jim Goldstein. This has been a widely discussed topic in the stock photography industry for sometime now. This article aims to simplify the idea by PLUS.

My Two Most Valuable Business Lessons – Digital Exposure article by Rick Sammon.

CPA – The Holy Grail of Online Advertising? – This article examines what CPA is and compares it with the CPC and CPM ad models. According to this article, CPA is best for advertisers, CPM is best for publishers and CPC is good for both.

Marketing Moves That Sell Books – PDN

Jay Reilly Photo Blog – Some great lifestyle photography.

Mike Mclaughlin Photography – Very powerful documentary work.

Zoriah: War Photographer – PhotoNetCast. A great podcast interview.

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Interesting Links – 8/29/08

Dispatches From the Edge: 40,000 Feet – Photo Business News & Forum. John Harrington describes a day in the life of photography business while traveling. A very exhausting schedule!

2008 PDN Stock Guide

Waffle House Wedding Photos – Not business-related but I saw this on Twitter and had to share this slideshow.

The Pitfalls of Self-Published Books – Jorg Colberg writes about his experiences with various print on-demand publishers. This is a good read because I suspect that most photographers that try the self-publishing route are likely to consider these sources first because it doesn’t come with the overhead costs of running your own publishing company.

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Interesting Links – 8/20/08

NPPA Independent Photographer’s Toolkit – Tools you’ll need to run a photography business.

Rights-Managed Stock v.s. Royalty Free Stock – ASMP

Annie Griffiths Belt: A Nomadic Family Life – Double Exposure Online Magazine.

The Brand Gap Slideshow – Great slideshow that examines what a successful brand is.

Ask an Art Buyer: Promotion – Heather Morton. Understand how to promote yourself to art buyers.

Dane Sanders – His intro video is one of the best photographer videos I have seen.

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Interesting Photography Links – 8/13/08

Heineken Discovers Flickr Isn’t Full of Free Photography – A Photo Editor.

Joel Meyerowitz MagRack Video – An interesting how-to video of how he shoots street photography in New York.

Studio Photography Magazine – The current issue has a great section about marketing strategies. While geared toward wedding and portrait photographers, photographers of all styles can learn from their advice.

Young Photographers United – An interesting service for young aspiring professional photographers.

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Interesting Links – 8/6/08

ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography, 7th Edition – The photographers’ “business bible”. A must-read.

“Use of my photos on Facebook without my consent.” – Business forum. Always get it in writing first.

The Cloud is Falling – Vincent Lafloret / Sports Shooter.

Lost America Night Photography – I really dig Troy Paiva’s work. There is an unbelievable amount of forgotten structures in the California desert, and he really does a good job at capturing it.

Into the Light: A Digital Photo Story by Ibarionex Perello. A powerful life story multimedia narrative from a former editor of Outdoor Photographer magazine.

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